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Michael Eury

Michael Eury is a reformed supervillain, having spent several years banished to the Phantom Zone for tearing off pesky ?do not remove under penalty of law? pillow tags. He now toils for truth, justice, and several other virtues that look good on his r?sum? as the editor of BACK ISSUE magazine and an advisor to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. A former editor for DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics, Eury has authored for TwoMorrows Publishing the books The Justice League Companion (2005); Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time (2003); and Captain Action: The Original Super-Hero Action Figure (2002); and was a contributing writer to VIP?s The Superhero Book (2004). Additionally, he has written cartoons, comics, and copy for Nike, Toys R Us, Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing, MSN, Cracked, and Bowen Designs.

Titles by this Author

The Supervillain Book: The Evil Side of Comics and Hollywood
by Gina Misiroglu and Michael Eury
Supervillain Book