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African American Almanac
ISBN: 9781578593231

African American Hero of the Day:

What supermodel has become a successful businesswoman and starred in her own reality show about models?

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Black Firsts 3e
ISBN: 9781578593699

Black First of the Day:

Who was the first known black to graduate from an American college?

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Handy Personal Finance
ISBN: 9781578593224

Personal Finance Tip of the Day:

How long should I keep my personal financial records?

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Handy Presidents 2e
ISBN: 9781578593170

President of the Day:

Which president appointed the first female cabinet member?

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Handy Religion 2e
ISBN: 9781578593798

Religious Holidays Quiz:

Does the beginning of the Muslim year have any particular significance?

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Superhero Book 2e
ISBN: 9781578593750

SuperHero of the Day:

This superheroine has two origin stories: one of them has her as a surviving member of a mob family.

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Werewolf Book 2e
ISBN: 9781578593675

Werewolf Fact of the Day:

What herb was believed to both cause and cure werewolves?

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