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Superhero Book 2e
ISBN: 9781578593750

SuperHero of the Day:

This superheroine has two origin stories: one of them has her as a surviving member of a mob family.

  • She was portrayed twice on TV by actresses Barbara Joyce and Ashley Scott.
  • Her solo comic book series lasted only 19 issues.
  • Her preferred weapon is a crossbow.
  • In her other origin story, she is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

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From the SuperHero of the Day archive...

Which team of superheroes often changed its lineup, but was usually led by Captain America?
Which superheroine is Marvel's longest-running solo female hero?
What superhero has also been called the "Jade Giant"?
Which superhero became U.S. Secretary of Defense in a 2006 story line?
A recent Broadway musical was based on which superhero?
Which red, white, and blue superhero lost popularity after World War II but found new readers as a warrior against Communists?
What group of superheroes originated from an animal you might find in a pet store aquarium?
Which superhero is regularly spoofed on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson?
What superhero has many parallels with Batman and was an attempt by DC Comics to exploit the bat meister's success?
Who is widely regarded to be the first superhero?
Which superhero is based on Norse mythology?
What hellishly evil-looking superhero took his name from the heroic identity of a nineteenth-century teacher who wore a phosphorescent costume?
This superhero was inspired by the Roman god Mercury.
Which superhero predated Superman by five years and is often credited with helping to spark the comic book superhero genre?
This superheroine's career was revitalized with the help of feminist Gloria Steinem in 1972.
Almost as popular as Superman, this superhero has been around since 1939, yet he possesses no super powers whatsoever.
This Aquaman-like superhero vacillated between helping humanity and being a villain who attacked humanity, seeking vengeance for the destruction of Atlantis.
Which superhero comic book character led to the creation of the popular heroine Elektra in the 1980s?
What hooved superhero was introduced to fans at the 1993 Comic-Con in San Diego?
Which superhero is featured, in one series, as an old man in a world in which supervillains have conquered the United States?
Which superhero's nemesis is a demon named Malebolgia?
Which superhero is vulnerable to the color yellow?
What Marvel supervillain who debuted in the 1990s later became a favorite anti-hero with a large fan following?
One of the most successful sidekicks of all time--if not the most successful--this superhero had his own super identity before taking over the role of his boss.
Which superhero is driven by a deep personal hatred for criminals that leads him into killing rampages?
Which extraterrestrial superhero became a key fixture in the Justice League of America?
This superhero has a green face and is kind of like a Warner Bros. cartoon character gone bad.
Which superhero is a reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince?
He became famous with his 1930s radio show. He knew "what evil lurks in the hearts of men."
This superhero also came from the planet Krypton.
Which superhero worked as an insurance agent for years?
Which superhero's main power is the ability to shrink in size?
Which team of superheroes has been a cornerstone of Marvel comics since the 1960s?
This superhero has a dual personality, one a teenage boy, the other an adult superhero.
This superhero is the first to come from Snap City.
Which African American superhero was the first to have his own titled comic book series?
Which superhero began as a 16-page newspaper insert adventure series distributed by the Tribune Syndicate in the 1940s?
Which group of superheroes has become the most popular assembly of heroes and heroines since the Justice League of America?
Which heroic figure was an inspiration for Bob Kane's creation of Batman?
After Superman, which superhero was the next to have his own comic book?
Which superhero got his start as an action figure, rather than as a comic book character?
Which superhero is the son of an alien sent to conquer Earth?
This superhero, originally a rival to the Fantastic Four, became a hero himself and was especially popular to fans during the 1960s counterculture age.
This superhero comes back from the dead to avenge his murder.
Which superhero was originally drawn in the 1960s by DC's only female artist at the time, Ramona Fradon?
This superheroine team was first created in 1992 by California Arts Institution student Craig McCracken.
Whose comic book adventures in the 1960s were often interpreted by fans to be thinly veiled LSD trips?
This superhero was the centerpiece character for Charlton Comics in the 1960s.
This superhero has strong connections to the Lone Ranger
What team of superheroes was first introduced in Japan as the Secret Task Force Goranger?
What comic book hero, recently revived in 2011, was created by Dave Stevens and set in a 1930s world of gangsters?
Inspired by the real-life historical figure Guy Fawkes, this hero's identity is never revealed.
This superheroine has been described as a likable villain with a heart of gold.
This somewhat unpopular superhero sports a bizarre red furry collar on his costume.
Which superhero was created to be a satirical take on Captain America?
This superheroine was originally played on film by Kristy Swanson.
This superhero was a member of the Avengers and later married Storm of the X-Men.
Which superhero had a sidekick named Toro?
In 2005, this superhero was revealed to have once lived as the evil Emperor Kurr.
This superheroine has two origin stories: one of them has her as a surviving member of a mob family.

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