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Which president formed a center to promote human rights internationally after his term?

  • He appointed the first African-American female to his cabinet.
  • He gave possession of the Panama Canal to Panama.
  • He moderated a peace between Egypt and Israel.
  • He had to leave the navy to run the family farm, earning the description of peanut farmer.

Jimmy Carter

What center did Carter establish to further human rights causes?

In 1982, Jimmy and Rosalynn established the Carter Center which is designed to address human rights concerns around the world. It advocates for democracy and peaceful solutions to conflict. It has spearheaded attempts to provide better health and welfare to people in various countries. In 2002, Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in part for his efforts to promote democracy and human rights in the world.

What was the high point of Carter's foreign policy?

Carter's coup--and perhaps the high point of his entire presidency--was negotiating peace between Egypt and Israel. Carter brought Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to Camp David. The three leaders crafted the so-called Camp David Accords, named after the location where the three met in secret over a twelve-day period in September 1978.

The Camp David Accords consisted of two agreements: (1) A Framework for Peace in the Middle East and (2) A Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. They later led to the formal peace agreement, the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty, signed in March 1979. For their efforts, Sadat and Begin received the Nobel Peace Prize.

What did Carter do with the Panama Canal?

Carter signed two treaties that relinquished American control over the Panama Canal to Panama. Carter said his objective was "fairness, not force" in turning over the canal to Panama. The U.S. Senate passed the treaties by a vote of sixty-eight to thirty-two.

Which of Carter's cabinet appointees became the country's first African American female to serve in that office?

Carter appointed Patricia Roberts Harris as secretary of housing and urban development in 1977. She left that position to become Carter's secretary of health, education and welfare in 1979. Previously, she had served as U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg during the Johnson administration and as dean of Howard Law School. She later unsuccessfully challenged Marion Berry for the mayoral race in the District of Columbia.

Why did he leave the navy?

He left the navy for family reasons. His father died and his mother asked him to come home to manage the family's farming and warehouse business. His father had a large farm and a peanut warehouse business. It was this fact about his family business that led people to describe Carter as a peanut farmer.

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