The Handy New York City Answer Book

by Chris Barsanti
Handy New York City

“The Handy New York City Answer Book” by Chris Barsanti, which will explain (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about The Big Apple but didn't know who to ask.

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… a comprehensive guide to the history and contemporary attractions and neighborhoods of New York City boroughs the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn.

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Students wanting to brush up on all things New York City will want to read this comprehensive guide from this popular question-and-answer series. entertaining overview of one of America’s most distinctive cities.


New York, New York.

The largest city in the United States. The self-proclaimed capital of the world. The city of Wall Street and commerce. The city of restaurants, cafés, clubs, and bars. Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Garment District, Broadway, bridges, bodegas, restaurants, and museums. A melting pot of languages, races, faiths, and beliefs, as well as languages—no other city has welcomed immigrants in such large numbers and for so long a time. The “city that never sleeps” is bustling with people, cultural and sporting events, world-class shopping and high fashion, and other tourist attractions that draw in millions of visitors from all over the world. The Handy New York City Answer Book explores the fascinating history, people, myths, culture, and trivia, taking an in-depth look at the city so nice, they named it twice.

Trace the constant transitions and transformations from the original Indigenous peoples and early Dutch settlers to the importance of the port and the population growth through immigration to the consolidation of the boroughs, the building of the subway system and modern skyline, and much more. Tour landmarks from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Rockefeller Center to the 9/11 Memorial. Learn about famous sons and daughters, including Woody Allen, Jay-Z, J.D. Salinger, and Donald Trump. Find answers to more than 850 questions on the people, events, places of interest, and just what breathes life into this crowded city, teeming with people, where anything goes, such as Who were the first New Yorkers? Do coyotes live in New York? Is it true that many ironworkers in New York have traditionally been Indians? How many New Yorkers are foreign-born? How many bridges are there in New York? Why are Manhattan’s streets laid out in a grid? What was New York’s first skyscraper? When did Times Square become Times Square? What are some of the secrets of Grand Central Terminal? Why is there a windmill on the New York seal? Where and how did the stock market crash of 1929 begin? Why is the Hotel Chelsea so famous? What is the High Line? Where is the world’s richest apartment building? Did the Yankees always play in the Bronx? What’s the oldest restaurant in New York? Which musical is credited with saving Broadway?

About Chris Barsanti

Chris Barsanti Chris Barsanti is the author of Filmology: A Movie-a-Day Guide to the Movies You Need to Know (2010) and the Eyes Wide Open annual film guide series. A member of New York Film Critics Online and the Online Film Critics Society, he is a regular film reviewer for Film Journal International, PopMatters, and Film Racket. He has also written for numerous other publications, including The Barnes & Noble Review, The Chicago Tribune, Playboy, Publishers Weekly, The Millions, The Virginia Quarterly Review, and The Chicago Reader. Barsanti earned his Master’s in journalism from Northwestern University and works in publishing. He cried the first time he saw Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and thinks anybody who didn’t has a heart of stone.

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  • ISBN: 9781578595860
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  • 464 pages
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