Time Travel: The Science and Science Fiction

by Nick Redfern
Time Travel
Jumps, Leaps, and Travels

Who doesn't yearn to travel through time to revisit the past or see the future? We live much of our lives thinking of other times, but what would you do if time travel were real? What does the science say? What does history tell us? And what do movies, writers, folklore, and others imagine for us?

A master storyteller and noted expert on the unexplained and paranormal, Nick Redfern presents dozens of intriguing accounts and fascinating stories on the history, the science, and the mysteries of time travel. From the physics of time warps to aliens in the matrix, Time Travel: The Science and Science Fiction works to uncover what happens when time doesn't march in only one direction.

The science, the history, and the tales of time bent, pasts visited, and futures traveled are brought into focus by Nick Redfern's latest exploration of unexplained, including …

  • Quantum Theory, Space, and Wormholes
  • The Mystery of Black Holes
  • Doppelgängers and Multiple Timelines
  • A Crop Circle Connection
  • The World’s Most Famous Time Traveler
  • Time-Traveling Animals
  • Black-Eyed Children and Shadow People

    The idea of time travel fascinates because it offers the possibility, however remote, of revisiting and recapturing moments from our youth. And if travelers of the future have secretly visited us—well, that proves that our future is secure. Stories of time travel abound in books and film, and the phenomenon has been a source of endless fascination—and speculation—surrounding UFO sightings and conspiracy theories. Whether back to the past or off to the future, Time Travel ripples with fascinating time travel stories, folklore, science myths and facts, and time travel’s place in pop culture.

    With more than 100 photos and illustrations, this riveting read is richly illustrated, and its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness. For skeptics and enthusiasts alike, these gripping stories will make readers wonder about possible reunions with lost loves and the chance of untold power in knowing the future.

  • About Nick Redfern

    Nick Redfern Nick Redfern is the author of 30 books on UFOs and cryptozoology, including Monster Files;
    The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies;
    and Strange Secrets. He has appeared on more than 70 TV shows, including: the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; and the History Channel’s Monster Quest.

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