The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers

by Richard Estep
Serial Killer Next Door

... details the double lives of 30 lesser-known serial killers like the Golden State Killer, the Green River Killer, the Ken and Barbie Killers, the Bayou Strangler, the Austrian Ripper, and others. He provides profiles of the public and private lives of these killers as paramedics, physicians, nurses, painters, gardeners, handymen, chefs, accountants, real estate brokers, entertainers, and military members, including Robert Lee Yates, Vickie Dawn Jackson, Robert “Willie” Pickton, Israel Keyes, Gary Ridgway, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, Todd Kohlhepp, Joanna Dennehy, Ronald J. Dominique, and Joseph James D’Angelo, also detailing their motivations for killing.

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… for a full look at some of the people inside … prisons.

Indianapolis Recorder

Could a serial killer live next door to any of us? Richard Estep shares tales of serial killers who slipped under the radar while doing their evil deeds.

Jim Harold’s Crime Scene

How well do you know your neighbors?

Maybe you should get to know them better! Growing up, we are taught that monsters are easy to identify, but the truth is very different. Too often, the serial murderer does not stand out. Otherwise, he, or she, would get caught.

The contrast between the outwardly mundane lives of these frauds and their clandestine, bloodthirsty alter egos is exposed in The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers. This chilling book looks at the horrifying stories of nearly thirty malevolent killers who managed to hide in plain sight, including …
  • Jack Unterweger, who convinced writers, artists, journalists, and politicians to help him gain release on parole from a murder conviction, only to resume killing;
  • Genene Jones, a nurse responsible for the deaths of up to 60 infants and children;
  • Gary Ridgway, the convicted murderer of 49 women and runaway girls, but also the killer of so many others that he lost count!
  • Elizabeth Wettlaufer, the confessed killer of eight senior citizens who were in her care as a nurse;
  • John Norman Collins, the Co-ed Killer, who for two years abducted, beat, and murdered young women from a college town;
  • Pedro Lopez, murderer of at least 110 young girls;
  • Plus paramedics, physicians, police officers, painters, gardeners, handymen and dozens of others who kept killing and killing before they were finally caught!

    In addition to profiling serial killers in a wide range of jobs, The Serial Killer Next Door examines what drove them to murderous mayhem. Often the killers harbor some deep sense of resentment and anger toward the world, humanity, or a specific human being — a parent, a spouse, or lover — which is then projected onto innocent victims. Yet, each individual has slightly different motivations. Some serial killers seem to be born broken and no matter whether they were raised in a warm and loving environment or grew up in an abusive, toxic home, they still became twisted, psychotic monsters!
  • About Richard Estep

    Richard Estep Richard Estep is the author of twenty books, most of them in the field of paranormal non-fiction, including The Haunting of Asylum 49: Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors, and the Secret of Room 666. He is a regular columnist for Haunted Magazine and has also written for the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. His lifelong fascination for ghosts has led him to investigate haunted locations around the world for the past 25 years. Richard appears regularly on the TV shows Haunted Case Files, Haunted Hospitals, Paranormal 911, and Paranormal Night Shift. British by birth, Richard now makes his home in Colorado, a few miles north of Denver, where he serves as a paramedic and lives with his wife and a menagerie of adopted animals.

    Hometown: Longmont, Colorado

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