Freedom Facts and Firsts: 400 Years of the African American Civil Rights Experience

by Jessie Carney Smith, Ph.D. and Linda T Wynn
Freedom Facts and Firsts

Written in a vivid and accessible style, this encyclopedia is highly recommended for high school, public, and community college libraries, where it will serve students well. Recent encyclopedias of African American history are usually scholarly, pricey multivolume sets. This, on the other hand, is an inexpensive and unique effort that does equally well in libraries as it does in bookstores.

Library Journal

"Freedom Facts and Firsts: 400 Years of the African American Civil Rights Experience" is an amazing compilation of facts and stories about the lives and times of African Americans in the past four centuries.

Midwest Book Review

"Freedom Facts and Firsts" is a valuable encyclopedic work covering the Black experience in the United States from 1619, when Africans were brought to Jamestown, Va., as "involuntary laborers," through the Civil Rights Movement and to the ascendancy of Barack Obama, the country's first African-American president."

Newark (NJ) Star Ledger

An important addition to Black History Month booklists. From the early abolitionists to the presidential nomination of Barack Obama, the authors have gathered easy-to-read articles on the essential people, places, and events of the black struggle for freedom.

School Library Journal

Hundreds of entries describe in detail the important people, dates, events, and places of the African American experience. This reference work is very beneficial to students completing research and useful for all ages.


Spanning nearly 400 years from the early abolitionists to the present, this guide book profiles more than 400 people, places, and events that have shaped the history of the black struggle for freedom.

Coverage includes information on such mainstay figures as Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks, but also delves into how lesser known figures contributed to and shaped the history of civil rights. Learn how the Housewives' League of Detroit started a nationwide movement to support black businesses, helping many to survive the depression; or discover what effect sports journalist Samuel Harold Lacy had on Jackie Robinson's historic entrance into the major leagues. This comprehensive resource chronicles the breadth and passion of an entire people's quest for freedom.

About Jessie Carney Smith, Ph.D.

Jessie Carney Smith, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a noted author, biographer, and black studies scholar. She is William and Camille Cosby Professor in the Humanities at Fisk University in Nashville, where she also serves as the university librarian. Dr. Smith was educated at North Carolina A&T State University, Michigan State University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Illinois. Her work includes Black Firsts and Black Heroes, both published by Visible Ink Press, as well as Notable Black American Women (Book I and II) and Notable Black American Men. Among Dr. Smith's numerous awards are the National Women's Book Association Award, the Candace Award for excellence in education, and Sage magazine's Ann J. Cooper Award for her published works on African American Women.

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

About Linda T Wynn

Linda T. Wynn is the assistant director for state programs for the Tennessee Historical Commission and a faculty member in the history department at Fisk University. A graduate of Tennessee State University, she also earned M.S. degrees in history and in public administration from that institution. Devoted to teaching on the topic of civil rights, she helped to design the module Civil Rights Movement in Nashville for The Beloved Community: Then and Now, a collaboration course among American Baptist College, Fisk University's Department of History, and Lipscomb University. She's edited or contributed to such publications as Journey to Our Past: A Guide to African-American Markers in Tennessee, Profiles of African Americans in Tennessee, Tennessee Encyclopedia of Culture and History, Notable Black American Men and the African American Almanac.

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

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  • 400 pages
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