Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside

by Brad Steiger
Real Vampires

Brad Steiger carefully, thoroughly, and yet entertainingly examines the vampire legend ... A true must read, though you might want to read it in the daytime rather than late at night on a full moon.

Alternate Perceptions Magazine

Those interested in [vampires] will find the profiles and history fascinating.

ForeWord Magazine

Brad creates a very compelling book that feels much like sitting around a campfire listening to him entertain and amaze Damn good book - check it out!

In a period dominated by the "Twilight" series, this book travels beneath fictional myths ... [A] thought-provoking subject survey.

Library Journal

I have to wonder if Stephenie Meyer would ever have written Twilight if she had read Steiger's book first. I'm sure it would have at least given her pause. I highly recommend Real Vampires for anyone willing to take a look at the kind of night creatures that do not sparkle in the sun.

Linda's Bloghouse

Real Vampires is thought-provoking, intriguing and prevalent in putting all of the vampire pieces of the puzzle together! A true tour-de-force with solid ramifications that lead only to one thing. A standing ovation!! Bravo!

Sacramento Press

Steiger has brought back to life an eerie account of an overlooked and often-forgotten history of vampirism. This dark and sinister read is not for "Twilight" followers, but rather for hardcore enthusiasts of vampire lore, the occult, and the paranormal.

School Library Journal

Not only do vampires exist, they walk among us!

Paranormal researcher extraordinaire, Brad Steiger, reveals that real vampires are not immortal, do not have fangs or sleep in coffins, and have no fear of sunlight or crucifixes.

A chilling chronicle of the often-ignored history of vampirism as it has surfaced repeatedly in news articles, historical accounts, and first-person interviews, this shocking account of occultist rituals and the inhuman forces that influence them shines a light on the horrifying truth. This book dispels many myths but also confirms the truth behind several traits of real vampires, such as the insatiable thirst for blood and the dream of an eternal soul.

From spine-tingling classic tales---Vlad the Impaler, the Countess of Blood---to stories of famous mass-murderers and their shocking, cannibalistic, and vampire-like behavior---Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer---to hair-raising testimony from ordinary people who've encountered vampires, and finally to interviews with modern vampires themselves, this frightening collection covers them all. Readers will encounter loathsome slashers, rippers, and murderers who do not promise immortality with their 'bite,' only a painful death.

163 terrifying tales of the hideous wraiths and creatures that lurk in shadow, this fascinating collection includes...

* the Mexican prostitute who mesmerized an entire village, convincing them she was an Incan goddess who required human sacrifice for her magic.

* the three teenagers who left a trail across the South as they conducted blood-drinking rituals with animals.

* the mysterious Lady in Black, who draws psychic energy from men who dare approach her as she wanders through city streets and parks.

* the young bride-to-be possessed by an evil spirit pretending to be her recently deceased uncle.

* the college student who thought that he had gotten lucky when he was invited to a party by a gorgeous woman--until he found out that the other party goers seemed to want blood in return for their beer.

About Brad Steiger

Brad Steiger Award-winning writer Brad Steiger authored over 2,000 articles and more than 180 titles with inspirational and paranormal themes, including Conspiracies and Secret Societies; Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds; Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldy Beings; and Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Houses.. Brad is a veteran of broadcast news magazines such as The Nightly News, as well as a regular radio guest on shows ranging from Rob McConnell’s X-Zone to Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Hometown: Somewhere in, Iowa

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  • ISBN: 9781578592555
  • PDF ISBN: 9781578592753
  • Kindle ISBN: 9781578592821
  • ePUB ISBN: 9781578592869
  • 304 pages
  • 100 drawings and illustrations
  • 7.25 x 9.25 paperback
  • $44.95 ($27.95 Can.)
  • Metaphysical

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